[Nitro] Mixins into Glue namespace

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 07:58:16 EDT 2005

#is is great. I'm all for that.

But please don't move these Mixins. These things are too closely tied
to Og. There is a way to do what you wnat without doing this, but it
will take a little more fine tuning --I will work on.

Moroever the inclusion of Glue in the main scope has it's own
problems. For instance, you are placing two constants in the global
scope, one called Version and the other LibPath, that are used only by

BTW, If you want these things in Global scope, there is no need to
wrap in Glue module to begin with.

Also I'm working on Og right now so please don't change anything major
until I'm done --it won't take me very long)


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