[Nitro] Automatic object evolution

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Fri Oct 28 03:46:11 EDT 2005

Presumably if there was an "interactive" mode this would only happend
when in using debug mode - possibly stage.

anyways: I like the :evolve_schema flags in setup they neatly allow
for the differant levels of control when in debug/stage/production

rp: I changed your patch a little ... it was checking for a string  
changed it to check for a real boolean hope you don't mind :P

On Oct 28, 2005, at 02:22, Emmanuel Piperakis wrote:

>> Ahh conflicting information!
>> George wants interactive, me and Chris want it settable with options
>> when doing Og.setup and you want methods :)
> Just one more opinion, if it is interactive, who would be there to
> interact with the app, when the apache restarts by itself (due to a
> million reasons?)
> I believe that setting it up on the setup is a more stable solution.
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