[Nitro] Default bind host

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Fri Oct 28 01:44:10 EDT 2005

Peter Abrahamsen wrote:
> Hi, all,
> There's a suggestion on the Wishlist wiki page that the default bind  
> host be * ( I prefer the present default of localhost  because 
> it forces the developer to vet the security of their code  before 
> exposing it to the world. Can someone make a case for binding  globally 
> by default?
> This is a small point, but it'll affect every developer's experience  of 
> Nitro, and should be resolved. What is the will of the people?

I don't think I've ever deployed to anything but a specific IP address. 
  I like the idea of using localhost as the default in order to enable 
development but force an explicit choice when deploying live.



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