[Nitro] Automatic object evolution

Rob Pitt rob at motionpath.com
Thu Oct 27 07:22:17 EDT 2005

Ahh conflicting information!

George wants interactive, me and Chris want it settable with options 
when doing Og.setup and you want methods :)

Here is how I see this then,

Interactive is the default behaviour.
You can set options like:

        :store => 'psql',
        :address => 'host',
        :name => 'database',
        :user => dbclient',
        :password => 'naughty',
        :evolve_schema => 'true' <------------- this would cause both 
create and delete to happen non-interactively but would log info in 
debug mode
        :evolve_schema_constructive => 'true' <---------- this would 
cause creates to happen silently but prompt for delete
        :evolve_schema_destructive => 'true' <---------- this would 
cause deletes to happen silently but prompt for creates

Setting any of the above to false would cause that action to never happen.

It's all up to the G man... back to you :)

P.S I mentioned to chris as you asked and he said he is fixing something 
in '/admin' and will do this soon.

TRANS wrote:

>I advise that you make it a method. While adding a feild won;t make
>any one mad, delete one can. In either case I think it better to let
>the programmer decide --a simple command per class and one for all
>classes would do.
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