[Nitro] Nitro on Apache2 (Tutorial)

Michael Fellinger m.fellinger at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 18:12:37 EDT 2005

I very much agree with you.
on RH it might be 'yum install apache2' or somthing... but apache very much 
depends on the environment it is in, so there are at least two ways for 
windows and linux - not counting OSX...
maybe splitting the tutorial might be a good idea?
one idea that came to my mind was to do a select-box, where one can choose the 
OS he has, and all text-elements OS-specific get exchanged.... maybe a bit 
futuristic, but wanted to mention it anyway :)

Am Dienstag 25 Oktober 2005 23:48 schrieb James Britt:
> Michael Fellinger wrote:
> > Hi List,
> >
> > I just tried to get nitro running on apache2, but since there is
> > absolutly nothing except the apache.conf i am somewhat lost.
> > So i started a simple tutorial for doing that on the wiki, but i didn't
> > get far...
> > to get some coverage over this topic, could someone please point out
> > howto: * install fcgi
> > * config apache2 (if possible - virtualhost)
> > * get nitro in there
> I have a problem with this part:
> sudo apt-get install apache2
> Means nothing to someone, like me, on Red Hat Enterprise Linux or any
> other system that doesn't use apt-get.
> I think some explanation of installing from source is needed.  But as I
> recall, all one needs to do is follow the INSTALL instructions; you
> don't need to do anything special for Nitro.
> In any event, I think the docs should try (where possible) to be
> platform agnostic.
> James
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