[Nitro] Documentation again...

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at bdebl.de
Tue Oct 25 02:57:45 EDT 2005

Hi all,

since Nitro / Og 0.24.0 and it's docs haven't been out last weekend I 
started reading the IMO excellent Pragmatic Programmers book Agile Web 
Development With Rails.

As I said many times before, without knowing the Big Picture I'm not 
able to start coding. Now, assuming that the Rails tutorial is a 
"feature complete introducion" _and_ the topics are migratable to 
Nitro/Og: May this be an idea to build a documentation skeleton (for 
migrating the code snippets plus adding some minimum explanation)?

This way we would not just be able to build an introducion, but also a 
Rails To Nitor/Og migration guide.

What do you think?

- Bernd

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