[Nitro] The DARCS repository thread

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 05:15:49 EDT 2005

> quick question (aimed at george):

Hmm I am not that familiar with darcs yet :(

> where to submit to? ..I sent my first patch attempt to your @gmail.com

for the moment send the patch bundle to the gmail address.

> is this correct or are you intending on setting up any kind of automagic
> mail->darcs pull stuff? (I'm guessing not for the moment as i'm sure it's
> not priority)

It will come later, hopefuly soon.

> comments? ..what sort of level of change log comments are you after?

just like the comments I am adding, see the CHANGELOG file.

> thanx. and more patches coming your way tomorrow I'm sure.

thanks :-)



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