[Nitro] Logger is getting passed args in wrong order

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Sat Oct 22 12:42:34 EDT 2005


first: how shall we refer to the current version of nitro
sitting in the repository (think I'll get bored typing
"the development version of nitro/og/glue")?
dev version?
repo version?
version X?

Is the logger broken for anyone else in the :dev version

It appears the format_message method was getting passed
the parameters in the wrong order?

I've patched it ... (so i can see debug info)
but it seemed to obvious to be done by accident so I wondered
if it was just me getting this problem.....
it looks like progname might be missing from the arguments list, and  
the arguments are passed with *args it just kinda slides along one.
where does the program name get set ...and does anyone know
what could cause it to NOT get set (since I guess this is the root of
the problem)?



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