[Nitro] Help me verify that nitrohq.com works correctly...

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 05:07:54 EDT 2005

thanks for the report

> Bugs :
> * The authors page doesn't upgrade.

you have to edit your page and add content for your page to show up...

> * Diff doesn't work

will investigate.

> * Not everybody should be able to delete a page. The page and all the
> history is lost and nobody knows how did this. The principle of the wiki
> is broken , without revisions the abuses are ireversible.

Hmm nice point!

> Wishlist :
> * You can't set the tags from withing the page editing
> * A dynamic tag proposal like delicious would be nice (to avoid tag dupes)

I hope the community can come up with these additions ;-) I am always
open for patches.



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