[Nitro] something like a cms ?

akonsu akonsu at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 17:18:46 EDT 2005


among various languages that have a real grammar, i liked ruby much
better than python because of ruby's meta-programming capabilities,
and i liked nitro much better than rails because nitro is easier to
set up and has shorter start up time. ;-)

so, i am writing a web site that will allow the owner to edit its
contents using his browser. the site has a simple tree-like structure
of its url space. i want to implement something similar to zope's
admin view. you can add a folder to your site, and then add a text
file into this filder, or an image, or any other object. the path of
each object inside the tree is the path used in the request url.

so, a request comes, i get the url path, look up an object in my
database with this path, and serve it.

this seems to clash with nitro's way of handling requests. so it seems
i need another dispatch mode and a dispatcher. is this correct? any
pointers as to how this should be done?

any other suggestions or better ideas about implementing a user
editable url space?

thanks for any input.

PS: if interested i can go into more length about what i am trying to
do and how. maybe we can build a general cms on top of nitro...

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