[Nitro] Development version / Request for help

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Sun Oct 16 02:55:20 EDT 2005

Michael Fellinger wrote:
> Hey george,

hey all,

> i'll try to do a small presentation tomorrow on euruko, using both
> spark and a small forum i will create there...
> maybe there will be a video, but i think it's sad that i can't show
> off your new scaffolding/admin stuff and show it to the people,
> because some of them are really interested into the topic.

yeah, me for example :)

> the installation of the 0.24pre is failing for me (and afaik for some
> others) by a problem of dependency between nitro and gen.
> could you also tell us what exactly gen is? it sounds like generator
> or something like that, but i guess it's some smart abbrev for a nicer
> name :)
> you will hear more about how it was going tomorrow.
> so long...
> manveru

good look today for your presentation.



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