[Nitro] Development version / Request for help

Tim Larson tim at keow.org
Fri Oct 14 22:07:58 EDT 2005

On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 04:37:30PM -0400, TRANS wrote:
> That' not the latest version, BUT the latest version of Facets (which
> fixes the above)  and Nitro don't yet play nice.
> George really wants to get the next version out. Which is why he's
> asked for help. Since then he's sent me all the code and I am working
> on it. IN looking at the code I see a number of rough spots that
> really need adjusting. So I will do that and get it all working smooth
> as butter then send it over to george and he can send it out for you
> all to kill the remaining edge cases. Probabaly take me through
> weekend to complete.

Just to be clear, I was not complaining as I know this
pre-release has bugs so I was just trying to do this:
>> Please report any problems you have if you try to
>> install this development version.                                                                     
Thank you all (George, Trans, ...) for your hard work on this
great software, and for this pre-release to start working with.

--Tim Larson

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