[Nitro] Nitro Status

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 04:03:23 EDT 2005

> With the changes being made, will it be easy to iterate through
> properties and relations, such as for home-made versions of
> functions like form_for and tags_for, and to pick on a specific
> property or relation for functions like tag_for, label_for?
> It would be especially nice if additional not-persisted
> "properties" could also have similar metadata, for uses such as
> being iterated and picked on by the functions listed above,
> without requiring extra code or having to be handled by an
> extra loop that would break the sequencing of properites in
> auto-generated forms.

Yep in the new nitro, you can annotate anything:

class Hello
  attr_accessor :name
  ann :name, :cast => :to_s
  ann :this, :a_class_annotation => 3



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