[Nitro] Blobs, Pictures and Og

Reid Thompson reid.thompson at ateb.com
Fri Oct 7 21:45:45 EDT 2005

Michael Fellinger wrote:

>Hi List,
>I've got a quite interesting question about a problem i want to solve.
>I want to build a simple gallery using nitro/og, without storing paths
>and all the stuff, having the images as objects, using a nitro-page
>with the fitting header for displaying.
>Done this in php before with almost no effort, but now i just can't
>figure that out in og.
>How would you store an image in og? (and creating thumbnails for them
>on the fly)
>would you just use the path pointing to the thumbnail and the image?
>is there the possibility to do that via a blob, and if there is - how
>would you that?
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i've not tried it yet, but postgresql can store binary fields of type bytea.
Not having tried it, i'm assuming that the postgresql adapter handles bytea.

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