[Nitro] Seaside style call/answer mechanism

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 13:21:01 EST 2005

> One possible implementation:

This is what I call an authoritive answer ;-)

> top of stack element. Of course this doesn't work well if you, after
> you've had called a controller, type in an URL by hand.


> Another idea
> is to introduce a special "stack" ID (e.g. ?stid=xxx) upon #call, and
> store a stack under this ID in the session. #answer only works if a
> stid is specified.

This is my current solution, but I am wondering if someone has a better idea...

> In Seaside/Wee the whole thing is implemented not by storing URLs,
> but actually the state of the component as of the time when you call
> #call.

Can you please explain this in more detail here on the list?



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