[Nitro] javascript and session

zimba-tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 13:20:28 EST 2005

On 24/11/05, Emmanuel Piperakis <epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr> wrote:
> > First, don't use popups !
> Why?

Some reasons :
* Users that don't have javascript enabled can't use your website.
* Popups are associated to advertisement. More and more tools exist to
block them.
* You user looses the navigation history when you use popups.

One rare occasion where i would agree to use javascript, is when your
target browser is well know and that you developp and application, not
a website.

> > Second ,it looks like your form gets submitted, so logically, the rest
> > of the script is not executed. Could it that be it ?
> The submit executes the function in the controller, yet I am sure the
> javascript is executed completely because if I remove the .close or the
> return false, then the popup does not close, and the remaining open popup
> loads the main page.

Ok, then the problem looks more serious. Do you store objects in the session ?
If yes, try to use the database to store the intermediate datas.

> Popups are necessary in my app. The user adds Tenants in Rent Rolls.
> He/She has to be able to look at the total rent roll (displayed in the
> main page) as he enters new tenants. The same occurs while entering loan
> repayment schedules, etc...

I'm sure they are not necessary. If you want, i'll gladly help you to
circuvent the problem. Send me a screenshot of the page in question
with the popup and some explanations of what it is.

Some preliminary ideas, is to add a <div> to replace the popup, like
manveru said. The data contained in the div can be fetched
asynchronously using javascript. The div could post it's data in an
unvisible iframe to avoid page reloading if that is the problem.

> Also, popups look COOL, especially to people with small or none
> experience.

Not at all, popups get lost behind the main browser if the user clicks
anywhere outside of it. If a newbie don't see a window they'll think
it disappeared and will try to open a new-one. It's my own experience
when i did usability tests on lambda users.



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