[Nitro] request parameters

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Tue Nov 22 11:53:04 EST 2005

> ...this suggestion is not viable when the reason for the periods
> is to map to nested data, and underscores '_' are already in use
> in simple multi-word names.

Good point.

> The point is that we should be able to use any normally legal
> (for CGI programming) request parameter names and be able to
> retrieve their values without data-structure-walking gymnastics.
> If the framework *also* wants to categorize the request parameters
> (making a tree-shaped data structure like it does now) it should
> be free to do so...but should not break the traditional CGI-style
> programs in the process.

Yeah I guess it doesn't really fit with Nitro's "Choice" ethos

well ... until someone want to trek through cgi.rb, *hides*
you could override the request getter methods by requiring something
like this in your run.rb to give you the kinda functionality your  
after temporarily?

module Nitro

# Overides fetch and it's shortcut [] to allow access to 'this.that'  

module Request
   def [](param)

	def fetch(param, default = nil)
		if param =~ /\./
		  keys = param.split('.')
		  param = @params
		  keys.each do |k|
		    param = param.fetch(k, default)
		  param = @params.fetch(param, default)


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