[Nitro] Multipart forms and the request parameters

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Tue Nov 22 09:47:48 EST 2005

Hi listers:

Little query to anyone in the know....

When a multipart form gets parsed into the @params (request) hash the
default value for the contents is set to be a new Array, this results in
request['no_key'] => []

and more of a problem..

request['no_key'].nil? => false

I have patched the request wrapper to fix this and stop the request
parameters acting so differently when using multipart forms.
using the fetch method

but the @params hash still has the default value of an empty array.

so.. Is there a legitimate reason for the @params hash to have default
value of an empty array?

gmosx: would you like this patch or do you think this should be fixed
in cgi.rb when the params hash is built?

Chris Farmiloe
Design & Development.

Motionpath Digital Media Ltd.
St Georges road, Brighton, BN2 1ED.
Office: 01273 608708    |    Mobile:    07791 179481

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