[Nitro] CGI still broken in 0.25?

Fabian Buch fabian at oggu.de
Thu Nov 17 13:24:48 EST 2005


Am 17.11.2005 um 18:18 schrieb James Britt:
> How are people running their Nitro apps?  My next choice would be SCGI

I totally agree. I'm waiting for working CGI since months now, before 
really starting development in Nitro (I don't depend on it, since my 
current apps run under Rails and they aren't really important anyway, 
but I'd really like to do future stuff in Nitro). The only thing that 
keeps me from developing and running real-world apps in Nitro is 
working CGI.

I've hope though, cause George mentioned in a post to this mailing-list 
(today or yesterday) that he has some patch he'll commit to the DARCS 
repository soon.

> under Apache2, or perhaps fcgi with lighttpd (if I could figure out how
> to have multiple virtual hosts), but it seems all of these would depend
> on CGI working correctly.

I'm far from an fcgi- or other adapter-stuff- specialist, so I might be 
wrong for the following:
I don't understand why there have to be sooo different adapters for 
everything (cgi, fcgi, webrick...). Isn't it (as I think we already see 
here) too much work to maintain so many different adapters (there might 
be more comming, like acgi or whatever) if something essential (or 
design) changes in Nitro?
Wouldn't it work if everything would be developed so that it works in 
CGI? I thought if something works in CGI it might work everywhere with 
tiny changes (like wrapping in fcgi and acgi). If it were like this it 
wouldn't make a difference if running in cgi, fcgi on Apache or 
whatever random webserver with scgi or acgi as long as the webserver 
supports CGI.

Maybe I have misleading design-ideas in my head (I never developed a 
web-framework, just in them or low-level), so if I'm wrong, please 
correct me.

Fabian Buch

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