[Nitro] og troubles

Francesco Lunelli francesco.l at ymir.it
Mon Nov 14 07:20:44 EST 2005

Michael Fellinger ha scritto:

>Hi Francesco,
>It would be of great interest to me (and all the others i guess) what your 
>run.rb and og-model looks like.
>The issue with psql-database-creation is known (at least to me) but not fixed 
>yet (i created the database once and now morphing is working well for me)
>Please provide us with the code you tested so we can add it to the testcases 
>and aim on fixing and of course tell you what is wrong with it.
>thx in advance
The code is the run.rb file included in gem distribution of Og. You can 
find it in example directory under og. In my linux box 


Francesco Lunelli
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