[Nitro] Feedback and one question

zimba-tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 00:30:50 EST 2005


I finally found some time to build a small app using nitro. It's not
finished yet but I can say that in one night I have done most of it.

By looking at nitro's source-code I could find out things that weren't
documented and so it was not really a problem (I know not everybody
does this). And I took some time enhancing the wiki. More will follow
while I'm getting forward in the application.

I'm using nitro-0.24.0 in gem format. I have found lots of rough edges
in that version, altrough I don't know how it advanced in the current
unstable (glycerin). For example the kirby adapter is not really
stable. It doesn't support the Time class well. The template language
doesn't support the whole rails syntax (<?= ?>). Many doc is missing
and it looks like gmosx doesn't take much care about it.

All in all, it was lot of fun using it. The ground feels really sane
(look at the code ppl !).

While implementing a simple user authentication, I was stuck with a
problem that I couldn't solve. I needed to know which action was
called in a pre_ action filter. Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks for everything, time to sleep :)



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