[Nitro] new morpher code ... and DOCTYPE's with the compiler

Chris Farmiloe chris at motionpath.com
Mon Nov 7 12:18:12 EST 2005

Hey all:

first: Should we be posting ideas/problems about Glycerin in the new  
repo mailing list
or is that just going to be used as a kind of release and update's feed?

anyway... since the list is quite quiet at the moment I'm sure no one  
will shout at me
for posting in the wrong place today :)

The new, improved, morphing code now strips out DOCTYPE's
(which puts IE into 'insane-mode').

Other bits of compiler code have done this in the past too I believe.

What I'd like to ask is ...Who thinks it would be useful to have a  
compiler module (every project should have one) and it seems like it  
make a nice and simple addition to the compiler pipeline like:

Compiler.setup_template_transform do |template|
	template = Template.transform(template)
	template = Morphing.transform(template)
	template = Doctype.add(template, XHTML_STRICT)

might not even need to be an add method?, just a useful list of  
doctype constants?

any thoughts? ... I'll make something up if anyone else thinks this  
could be useful.

Chris Farmiloe
Design & Development.

Motionpath Digital Media Ltd.
St Georges road, Brighton, BN2 1ED.
Office: 01273 608708    |    Mobile:    07791 179481

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