[Nitro] An implemention of Orbjson in Nitro

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 02:32:11 EST 2005

Hello James,

thanks for this code snippet and for your efforts! This example looks
cool, I especially like the auto registration thing. By the way I 'll
add a correct get_raw_post method. Do you need something else?

Some remarks:

- what is the URL to call this service?
 Something like:

  www.mysite.com/service/jsonrpc/example/times/x ?

  how does the x parameter get passet to the times method?

- why do you use Needle? Is this really useful? It *seems* to be
useful but I still cannot understand why.

- Can we find a sorter/better name than ORBJSON / JSONRPC ?


ps: seems to me you played quite a bit with Nitro. If you have found
methos/parameters that could be named better, or snippets of code that
could be improved please let me know. Nailing the API down is very
importance at this moment.


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