[Nitro] custom templates

George Moschovitis gm at navel.gr
Wed Mar 23 06:15:32 EST 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-23 at 04:51 -0600, Dan Yoder wrote:
> I have a widget library I'd like to use with Nitro. Any clues on how to 
> "plug-in" a different templating system? Mine ERB and XML based, no 

Hmm, you could email me this templating system and we 'll see how this
can be integrated. 

However, please experiment a little bit with 
Nitro's templating system. I think it is really MUCH better than ERB
and the XSLT templates are the more powerful (not to mention standards
compliant) way to do templates. If you play a little bit with nitro's 
templating system I am sure you will like it.

Nice features:

- xhtml compliant can be validated with standard parsers (xmlint)
- strips comments
- correctly syntax highlighted in most editors


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