[Nitro] Is Nitro Supported / Released?

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 05:37:07 EST 2005

Hello Dan,

On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 02:03:02 -0600, Dan Yoder <dan at zeraweb.com> wrote:
> Is Nitro a supported project at this time?

Nitro is a very active project at the moment. Have a look at
www.rubyforge.org. New releases are coming almost every 10 days. And
reported bugs are fixed ASAP.

> I am extremely impressed by the design goals for Nitro. I have worked
> for a long time doing framework development and Nitro is pretty close
> to the Holy Grail. I think it has addressed some of the key problems
> with Rails and could ultimately be very successful.

I think so too, I would love to get additional suggestions, and ideas.
Perhaps you can even help me. The nice thing about Nitro, in contrast
to Rails, is that it is not used yet by many people so it is easier to
make changes. So send me your suggestions.

> What I can offer:
> - I am building a portal framework, which will result in a number of
> open source-able components that could enhance the attractiveness of
> Nitro. Already I have built a component library that would offer yet
> another templating model for Nitro. I have tried to integrate into
> Rails but it hasn't been easy, with all those instance variables being
> passed around. =)

I am working on a higher level framework, tentatively calles Gen
(combined you get
Nitrogen :) :)) However I am not sure if this will be released as open source.

> - I am a knowledgeable early adopter, highly motivated to make Nitro
> work for me because I understand the importance of what you are trying
> to do, and why it is distinct from Rails.

Thats great. I am looking for people tha would like to have a look at
an alternative. Rails gets many things right but I think we can fix a
lot of problems. And I always believed in the second mover advantage.
I 'll  appreciate any help, and your suggestions.

> - This is a for profit project, which means I may be able to make some
> donations to the project financially. I don't want to overstate this
> because I don't know at this point how profitable this venture will be,
> but I am willing to support the folks that make my life easier.

This is also nice to hear. Donations are of course very welcome. However, please
note that I 'll continue to improve Nitro and Og even if I get no
donations or something. My goal is to create the best web framework
and then use it to create a *BIG* youth portal / community site.

> Please let me know what the intentions of the Nitro team are: am I too
> early? Is it too soon to have a relative new-comer to Ruby start using
> your framework.

No, you came at the RIGHT point in time. The next version of Nitro
will be released later this week featuring even more cool stuff:

- caching (full page, action, fragment)
- nested elements tree traversal
- improved multipart support

and much more. It will be better if you join the Nitro projects, it is
easier to make a difference here, and influence the direction of the
framework than in Rails.

best regards,


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