[Nitro] OG Problem Resolved - Now Can't Find XML/XSLT

Dan Yoder dan at zeraweb.com
Tue Mar 22 03:34:31 EST 2005

I set the create_schema variable to true and that could care of the 
last error I reported. (I am still getting the infinite loop when the 
database itself isn't created first.)

Now I'm getting:
  INFO: Connecting to database 'blog' using the 'mysql' adapter.
DEBUG: Og auto manages the following classes:
DEBUG: [BlogEntry, Category, Comment]
  INFO: Created table 'og_blogentry'.
  INFO: Created table 'og_category'.
  INFO: Created table 'og_comment'.
`require__': No such file to load -- xml/xslt (LoadError)
         from /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/nitro/shaders.rb:186:in 
         from run.rb:29:in `new'
         from run.rb:29

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