[Nitro] Is Nitro Supported / Released?

Dan Yoder dan at zeraweb.com
Tue Mar 22 03:03:02 EST 2005

Is Nitro a supported project at this time?

I don't mean to be impatient. I do understand that there is a 
tremendous amount of work involved in launching a project like this.

I am extremely impressed by the design goals for Nitro. I have worked 
for a long time doing framework development and Nitro is pretty close 
to the Holy Grail. I think it has addressed some of the key problems 
with Rails and could ultimately be very successful.

I am building a portal framework, which is currently implemented in 
PHP. I began migrating it to Rails but got very frustrated with its 
lack of modularity in the underlying design. And then I discovered 
Nitro, sort of by accident (I was curious about Og after having seen 
the article on RubyGarden).

What I can offer:
- I am building a portal framework, which will result in a number of 
open source-able components that could enhance the attractiveness of 
Nitro. Already I have built a component library that would offer yet 
another templating model for Nitro. I have tried to integrate into 
Rails but it hasn't been easy, with all those instance variables being 
passed around. =)
- I am a knowledgeable early adopter, highly motivated to make Nitro 
work for me because I understand the importance of what you are trying 
to do, and why it is distinct from Rails.
- This is a for profit project, which means I may be able to make some 
donations to the project financially. I don't want to overstate this 
because I don't know at this point how profitable this venture will be, 
but I am willing to support the folks that make my life easier.

Please let me know what the intentions of the Nitro team are: am I too 
early? Is it too soon to have a relative new-comer to Ruby start using 
your framework.


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