[Nitro] Unexpected Page Generation With Blog Examples

Matt Bowen matt.bowen at farweststeel.com
Mon Mar 21 19:29:57 EST 2005

I've been playing around with the Blog examples, both the XSLT and
non-XSLT-flavors. I'm struggling a little bit with consistent/expected page
generation. I'll boil down my problem to this simple case. Let me know if
you need more details.

1. Startup server with "ruby -rubygems run.rb --debug"

2. Going to displays the blog home page.

3. Clicking the Login link on right doesn't display login page. However,
peeking at console I see this written:

DEBUG: Rendering '/login'.
DEBUG: Compiling action 'src/views/login'
DEBUG: Transforming 'src/views/login.xhtml'
DEBUG: Parsing xsl 'src/xsl/style.xsl' - - [21/Mar/2005:15:54:53 PST] "GET /login HTTP/1.1" 200 1849 -> /login

4. Clicking the refresh button or forcing a refresh (SHIFT+F5 on IE) doesn't
display the login page. However, if I shutdown the server and restart and
then try to go to the login page, I'll see it. Though, if I start clicking
around, I'll get in same situation where URL doesn't display as expected
though transformations and redirection appear to occur in the console.

I'm wondering if caching is tripping me up. Is there an easy way to disable
this to verify this hunch? Is there some further debugging/tracing flags
that I can set to help me track down the problem? Thanks for any help.

Nitro rocks!

- Matt Bowen

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