[Nitro] Not expected behavior

James Britt jamesUNDERBARb at neurogami.com
Sat Mar 19 00:09:40 EST 2005

I discovered (though perhaps  this is documented someplace and it eluded 
my conscious brain) that you apparently have to call the Og database 
configuration AFTER you have defined the classes you plan on persisting.

I noticed that my code differed from the tutorial example in that I put 
the db config part up top; this just seems more natural, putting config 
details first.

When I moved them *after* my class code, though, it magically worked.

Not sure I like this.  It seems that it would restrict how and where one 
defines configuration details.  In all likelihood, I would use a 
'require' call to pull in config details, so the class ode would always 
come after the parsing of the class defs.  I gather the enchant code 
only knows to enchant classes already in object space?

Is this intentional, or a coincidence?




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