[Nitro] wish: o.options

Anastasios Koutoumanos ak at navel.gr
Fri Jun 24 10:00:58 EDT 2005

an easy one:

the options builder should provide sortable list of options when fed 
with a hash. Unfortunately the current implementation will spit out a 
set of options in (almost) random order. One idea is to allow for a 
block (with sorting rules) to be provided to the options builder. 
Another one (which i would go for) is _not_ take hash as an argument but 
only arrays and check if each element of the array is a single value or 
an array of two values - on the later case, use the first value for 
option.value and the second for the text. An alternative to the second 
one: allow for one or two arrays, if two are given they should be 
"parrallel arrays" (of the same size...)


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