[Nitro] Tutorial?

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Sun Jun 19 05:09:29 EDT 2005

The first thing I 'll do is to setup a little wiki for nitro/og
discussion. The url will be:


This will happen some time in the next days. Perhaps James can upload
his tutorial on the wiki, and we can collaborate on this. I fully
understand that in order for this project to move forward, a community
site plus    documentation are essential.


On 6/19/05, PAUL HANCHETT <paulha at aracnet.com> wrote:
>  What about for the Nitro part?  I get that Og is the database part.  I'm
> not so sure I understand all the other pieces of Nitro/Og (not that I've
> taken a great deal of time to reverse-engineer the examples...)


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