[Nitro] Og reloaded, part 2, coming in 0.19.0

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Sat Jun 4 10:11:12 EDT 2005

Am Saturday 04 June 2005 15:29 schrieb James Britt:
> Michael Neumann wrote:
> > Am Saturday 04 June 2005 09:34 schrieb George Moschovitis:
> >>Dear friends,
> >>
> >>after the 0.18.0 bug-fix release, a lot of new features will be added
> >>in the forthcoming 0.19.0 release. If you have  any ideas or wishes
> >>you would like implemented, now is the time to tell me..
> >
> > I haven't followed the development of Og recently... is duck-typing
> > already in... if not, that's my wish ;-)
> Duck typing in what sense?

That you can have attributes which can contain multiple classes. 
A bad example follows:

  class Address
    # attribute blah can contain either a Name, Customer or etc.
    property :blah, (Name | Customer | ... ) 

This could be implemented by internally generating a property blah_name and 
blah_customer and a "virtual" blah property that dispachtes to the 
blah_nameand blah_customer. Of course it can be implemented differently, e.g. 
storing the class/table name together with the oid attribute (this has the 
advantage that it doesn't break ordered sequences).



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