[Nitro] Re: fixed boolean

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Thu Jan 27 11:29:38 EST 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:
>>Could you give a little example on how you generate just a session-id?
> Sure:
>   # Calculates a unique id.
>   #
>   # The session id must be unique, a monotonically 
>   # increasing function like time is appropriate. Random 
>   # may produce equal ids? add a prefix (SALT) to stop 
>   # hackers from creating session_ids.
>   def create_id
>     now = Time.now
>     md5 = Digest::MD5.new
>     md5.update(now.to_s)
>     md5.update(now.usec.to_s)
>     md5.update(rand(0).to_s)
>     md5.update(Session.session_id_salt)
>     md5.hexdigest
>   end

Thanks. Will use this as default session-id generator until I include ISAAC.

>>I've now taken a look at your FormBuilder. How exactly can I define
>>those meta-attributes? I saw, you use meta[:ui] == :textarea...
>>Ah sorry, I found it already myself:
>>   prop_accessor :attr, :ui => :textarea
>>will do.
> As you can see the FormBuilder is under construction, If you have any
> good ideas, let me know :) I do have some cool ideas for this, you
> will see in Nitro 0.10.0 :)

Mine is called OgScaffolder::Editor. I factored the rendering into 
following methods:

   * render (top level)
     -> calls render_property for each property
     -> then calls render_buttons

   * render_property
     -> calls render_label
     -> then calls depending on the property type one of
        render_numeric, render_string, render_bool etc.

This makes it easier to customize layout. My editor also does not render 
a <form> tag, this can be done by adding a FormDecoration to the 
component. The advantage: You can put as many Editors on a page as you 
like, and when you hit a button, you don't loose what you entered in the 
other forms. If you click Save or Cancel, my editor returns (answers), 
so that you can use it like this:

   def show_editor
     call Editor.new(Customer.new), :on_answer

   def on_answer(res)

Of course you can use it without using #call. But then you have to wrap 
it with a AnswerDecoration.

Then I'll have a OgScaffolder::ListView which shows multiple 
domain-objects in a table.



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