[Nitro-general] Re: Og boolean datatype

Michael Neumann mneumann at ntecs.de
Wed Jan 26 15:38:38 EST 2005

I CC'ed you, as I'm not sure you are already subscribed to the 

George Moschovitis wrote:
>>How would one do the 'done bit default 0' column in Og? Is there a
>>Boolean datatype in Og?
> After all, there is a boolean:
>  TrueClass => 'boolean'
> so just use:
> prop_accessor :done, TrueClass, sql => 'bit default 0'

Okay, the SQL does not work... wrong default values for bit datatype 
says Postgres...

But if I just do:

   prop_accessor :done, TrueClass

then the table is created correctly, and I can insert values for that 
column correctly BUT I can't retrieve them! For some reason I always get 
'false' back as a result, even if the column is 'true' in the database.



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