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Thu Feb 17 13:32:58 EST 2005

[EVALUATION] - E01: The Java Failure - May Ruby Helps?


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I got an very intresting answer to my evaluation-stack within the
nitro-general mailinglist.

I like to ask Mr. George Moschovitis to take the effort to repeat his
answer here in c.l.ruby.

I've copied the current version for your convenience into this message.

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jamStack - Technology Collection

[V0.4 - draft]

This is the main page of the fictive technology collection jamStack,
which serves as an evaluation template for real live technology and
tools collections.

An IDE is not contained in this technology stack. An IDE supports this
technology stack (and possibly adds/enhances some of the functionality).

     * OOAD - Think, Analyze and Design in a straight Object [or
component] Oriented
     * Use of metadata within the design (on text level [code file])
     * Fully synchronized Code level and/or Visual design.

Code Generators

     * Use of predefined and user defined code generators


     * Initial design runs on local client.
     * Ability to transform design to run on higher grade systems
           o High Load Systems (load balancing, clustering )
           o large scale OODBMS
     * Ability to transform design to run on embedded devices.


[An evaluation template for ObjectRelationalMapper (ORM) can be found
within jamORM.]

     * Persitency layer results directly out of the Object Model
     * No need to deal with persitency tools, xml-config-files etc.
     * Provides persistence-design-metadata
           o accessible by code-generators
           o accessible by runtime
     * Flexible Technology usage
           o RDBMS or OODBMS
           o Embedded within app
           o or on seperate server
     * Easy migration mechanisms
           o Technology A to B
           o Vendor A to B


     * Flexible security system
           o Security inheritance
           o Plugable security systems
     * Supports several encryption strengths

GUI / Webinterface

     * Exchangeable GUI System
     * GUI is decoupled from Business Objects
     * Automated creation of Objects [Components] webinterfaces
           o display Objects
           o create Objects
           o edit Objects

Visual Modeling

     * Use of UML to model the design
     * Code level defined metadata is available/editable within UML tool
     * Uses same code-generators that are used within IDE / Command-Line


     * All production steps should be automated or semi-automated.
     * Automation is based on user-defined rule-systems.
     * Manual processing can always override automations.

License and Standards Requirements

The combined technologies include one or more programming languages and
should fulfill whenever possible the following prioritized basic

[For programming languages: at minimum the "execution environment" or

     * Based on Open Source (FSF freedom, OSI extensibility)
     * Based on Open Standards
     * Platform independent
     * Language neutral


     * ODMG - object persistence
     * CORBA - distributed systems
     * ...



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