[Nitro] Re: pj.jam.stack.ruby.nitro

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 06:21:05 EST 2005


I 'll try to give you an idea, how Nitro/Og can fullfil your requirements:


-> Nitro/Og does not provide or require an IDE. You can use the IDE
that suits you.
I plan to take some effort to make it play nicely with the
Macromedia/Adobe tools.


    * OOAD - Think, Analyze and Design in a straight Object [or
component] Oriented

-> Supported

    * Use of metadata within the design (on text level [code file])

-> Supported

    * Fully synchronized Code level and/or Visual design.

-> Not available

Code Generators

    * Use of predefined and user defined code generators

-> Supported at run time or development time, Nitro/Og generates most
of the code for you.


    * Initial design runs on local client.

-> Supported (Webrick, SQLite3)

    * Ability to transform design to run on higher grade systems
          o High Load Systems (load balancing, clustering )
          o large scale OODBMS

-> Supported (FastCGI, Postgresql, Oracle)

    * Ability to transform design to run on embedded devices.

-> Partially supported (Webrick, Ruby on WinCE)


    * Persitency layer results directly out of the Object Model
-> Supported (Og)

    * No need to deal with persitency tools, xml-config-files etc.

-> No configuration at all, use standard Ruby objects.

    * Provides persistence-design-metadata
          o accessible by code-generators
          o accessible by runtime

-> Supported (prop_accessor mechanism)

    * Flexible Technology usage
          o RDBMS or OODBMS
          o Embedded within app
          o or on seperate server

-> Supported, Og uses RDBMS backends to emulate an OODB environment.

    * Easy migration mechanisms
          o Technology A to B
          o Vendor A to B

-> You can switch backends (for example go from Mysql to Postgres) by
changinf a single line.


-> Automation / Code generation is the main feature.

License and Standards Requirements

-> BSD licence

Hope this answers some questions for you. It would be great if you can
take your time and have a look at tha actual distribution code.

best regards,


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