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Yvon Thoraval thoraval.yvon at free.fr
Fri Dec 30 09:12:53 EST 2005

Le 30 déc. 05 à 14:52, Michael Fellinger a écrit :

> Is it possible that you have to set the env-variable for rubygems?
> RUBYOPT=-rubygems

good point i don't if i have to set :
export RUBYOPT=-rrubygems (actual value)
export RUBYOPT=-rubygems  OR
export RUBYOPT=rubygems   OR

> or control it by putting a require 'rubygems' in run.rb yourself.

It was a misstake of me, i didn't put the correct GEM_HOME, right now  
nitro is warking back even with why_wiki

export GEM_HOME=/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8 (actual value)


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