[Nitro] SchemaInheritance and Foreign Keys

Paul Hanchett paul.hanchett at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 13:49:32 EST 2005

Thanks, Kashia...

There must be more because I've seen some other stuff mentioned on this 
list...  And I guess I'm not really talking about only the symbolic 
values.  There are things like "is", "has_one", "has_many" and the like.

og/relation.rb seems to define many of these adjectives, but it would be 
really nice to have a list of "all" the available words (at least that 
come from Nitro and og) and what they mean.

For some reason, I find ruby RDoc documentation to be "difficult" to 
use.  Am I just weird, or is this a common feeling?  :-\


Kashia Buch wrote:

>On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:50:19 +0100, Paul Hanchett  
><paul.hanchett at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Where can I learn about all these interesting :tags?  :-)
>Well, on my searches I found a few in og.rb starting line 57, you might  
>want to have a look, there are also descriptions on what they do.
>quick list of the settings I found and where they are used.
>   :store (manager)
>   :name (sql)
>   :passw (sql)
>   :check_implicit_graph_changes (og)
>   :table_prefix (og)
>   :create_schema (og)
>   :raise_store_exceptions (og)
>   :thread_safe (og)
>   :evolve_schema (manager/sql)
>   :evolve_schema_purge_tables (manager/sql)
>   :leave_constraints (sql)
>   :table_type (mysql)
>and there's also:
>   Og.create_schema (sql)
>which I whonder, does that work as a normal option as well? couldn't find  
>anything in the code.
>Question, would this be the complete list? (including what the stores  
>use.) Would be good for beginners to get available options more quickly,  
>any way to do that?
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