[Nitro] SchemaInheritance and Foreign Keys

Kashia Buch kashia at vfemail.net
Thu Dec 29 13:21:12 EST 2005


On Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:50:19 +0100, Paul Hanchett  
<paul.hanchett at gmail.com> wrote:
> Where can I learn about all these interesting :tags?  :-)

Well, on my searches I found a few in og.rb starting line 57, you might  
want to have a look, there are also descriptions on what they do.

quick list of the settings I found and where they are used.

   :store (manager)
   :name (sql)
   :passw (sql)
   :check_implicit_graph_changes (og)
   :table_prefix (og)
   :create_schema (og)
   :raise_store_exceptions (og)
   :thread_safe (og)
   :evolve_schema (manager/sql)
   :evolve_schema_purge_tables (manager/sql)

   :leave_constraints (sql)
   :table_type (mysql)

and there's also:
   Og.create_schema (sql)
which I whonder, does that work as a normal option as well? couldn't find  
anything in the code.

Question, would this be the complete list? (including what the stores  
use.) Would be good for beginners to get available options more quickly,  
any way to do that?

Feel the love

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