[Nitro] The status of Nitro/Og - some personal thoughts

George Moschovitis george.moschovitis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 10:39:34 EST 2005

> Is this needed? Is there not already a reasonable clear way for people
> to code this themselves, or to write a module or add-on for this?

There is, Michael Fellinger has code OgFile/OgImage, and he will
release the source code in the new NIXEL project on Rubyforge.

however I think I can improve this much more by better integrating
this into the Nitro. Make this a bit more magic ;-)

And I strongly need such features for my projects.

> Well, I've not given up completely, though my time is very limited.

great to hear :)

> I'll take a full look at the videos and try them myself, and then see if
> I can code stuff up without out headaches.

See the videos NOW ;-) Especially the third one (till the end, where
the interesting stuff happens)



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