[Nitro] The status of Nitro/Og - some personal thoughts

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Thu Dec 29 10:16:18 EST 2005

George Moschovitis wrote:
> Ok, the point was taken!
> I and some other core developers have tried a lot to make Nitro/Og
> easier and more accessible for newcomers. The new series of videos is
> a step in this direction. We are at a time where I am mostly happy
> with the feature set. The only think I would like to add is some sort
> of integrated file uploads/image support (something like
> OgFile/OgImage) and integration with the latest facets.

Is this needed? Is there not already a reasonable clear way for people 
to code this themselves, or to write a module or add-on for this?

> Apart from that I plan to work only on bug fixes, polishing, rdocs and
> some articles. I would like to ask James and Michael not to abandon
> this project but to help with docs instead. I will go over the  bug
> reports I received over the last month and make sure everything gets
> fixed (incl. cgi, nitrogen, ep' inheritance prob). James I would like
> to ask you to try and find some time to update your tutorial. The API
> will NOT change a lot from now on.

Well, I've not given up completely, though my time is very limited.

I'll take a full look at the videos and try them myself, and then see if 
I can code stuff up without out headaches.


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