[Nitro] The status of Nitro/Og - some personal thoughts

James Britt james_b at neurogami.com
Wed Dec 28 17:57:06 EST 2005

Michael Fellinger wrote:
> Hey List,
> I've experienced a bunch of problems while working on OgFile/OgImage/Thumbnail 
> for Og...
> mainly, because there is no documentation on the way the things are supposed 
> to behave - luckily POLS (Principle Of Least Surprise) hurried to my resuce 
> at most times... but there are some parts that need some thinking over...

<snip />

At one point I was gung ho on trying out Nitro/Og and doing what I could 
to contribute documentation.  But the API was in consant flux.  By the 
time I get something down, it changed.  Worse, code updates seem to keep 
breaking old code.  Each release brings some new headache.

CGI stops working.  Library path names get changed so the app explodes. 
Example code doesn't work.

I managed, after much tedium, to get my code running with 0.26.  I had 
to remove all previous versions, including all the side libs, such as 
glue and nano (or whatever it's called now), and start from scratch.

It's hard to complain about free, open software, and several times I've 
written up rants, then thought twice and deleted instead of sending 
them.  But maybe it's of some value to understand why people might just 
decide to say "Screw it", and go put up with the complexity of Rails. 
Annoying as it is, if you just bite the bullet and do things The One 
True Rails Way you at least get the app done. (Ironically, there seems 
to be a strong streak of what some folks claim to be The Python Philosophy.)

I don't look forward to having to lock each app I write to a specific 
version of Nitro, nor do I want to have to crawl through the code on 
each update, doing a search and replace on new or missing constants, 
paths, and APIs.

I'm at the point where I'll just roll my own simple framework as I need 
it, and probably just use Og for persistence, and hope not too much 
breaks each time a new version comes out, or skip upgrades once I find a 
suitable feature set.



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