[Nitro] The status of Nitro/Og - some personal thoughts

Jerrett Taylor jerrett at bravenet.com
Wed Dec 28 16:57:26 EST 2005

My two cents - Nitro needs API documentation. Peroid.

Developers need to have a reference to have at hand, that lets them see
what the API they are using does and how it works.

My guess is that people coming and leaving is largely due to this.
People see examples, read an article that examples what's possible with
nitro, they get excited, they start reading more, and a lot of them hit
the brick wall of "If I am doing what these examples are doing, i can
figure it out. but what else can I do, and how?" - and poof, they are

Perhaps people are also leaving because of bugs and/or missing
functionality, but if a large percentage is leaving before they
encounter these things - people that might be willing to contribute
might be leaving too.  

Obviously there are hobbiests who will take the time to dig in the
source code and figure out what does what, but I'd wonder if even they
know what can all be done. How do they know that they aren't writing
code to accomplish something that the API already does, if only they
knew the method to call?  

That said, I think Nitro does look very nice. If I ever get enough free
time I may poke at the source code, or wait until there are docs... 

whichever comes first.

As a slightly side-note: I don't think an API/Wiki is the answer. I
think annotated API docs are good, and wikis are good - there should be
both - link them together if need be.. but don't replace one with the

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