[Nitro] password?!

Emmanuel Piperakis epiperak at softlab.ece.ntua.gr
Mon Dec 26 20:28:56 EST 2005

> Just wanted to place a notice that this problem was solved by doing following:
> http://www.postgresql.org/docs/8.1/interactive/libpq-pgpass.html
M, how does this solve the problem? It just cures the problem. Og did not 
use to ask for the password, but suddenly it started. That mean that is 
does not parse the Og.setup correctly or something. It gets the user of 
the db, which now with the .pgpass file compares and uses the password 
from that file.

The real question is , why does not Og or the connection to the postgres 
use the password from the run.rb file?


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