[Nitro] Problem with Nitro In Flames tutorial

Alexandre Gravem vikingtux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 18:43:25 EST 2005

Hi Michael,

Just today I decided to spend some time browsing the source files of Nitro.
I notice a lot of FIXME in the code and actually I think I could help to fix
some of them, so I think that I will submit some patches soon.

I am learning Nitro by browsing the examples and now the source code. And
getting good results, I still prefer Nitro over Rails, but when I have some
question about Rails API it is rapidly solved looking through the wiki or
rdoc page. With Nitro the questions may live longer!

But I will join a new choir now, the "Stop joining choirs and help with
docs" choir :p

I have no experience writing rdoc, so I will post in the wiki the relevant
results of my source files browsing!

Moreover, learning Nitro may be harder than Rails, but it worth!
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