[Nitro] Dispaying ruby vars in Nitro templates

Alexandre Gravem vikingtux at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 00:48:14 EST 2005

I am not sure it is a Nitro question, if I am asking in the wrong place
please forgive me!
To learn Nitro I decided to set up a multi-user blog system based on the
blog example provided. When checking on templates/view.xhtml I notice 3 ways
to display the value of ruby vars: #{var}, #(var) and #|var| ...
Firstly I thought the three worked same way, but when displaying text marked
up with Textile the #{var} 'operator' showed the raw text while the #|var|
transform it to HTML.

My questions are:
1) How to use each correctly
2) There are others 'operators' like those?

Again, I am sorry if I am asking in the wrong place!

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