[Nitro] Problem with Nitro In Flames tutorial

Martin Bernd Schmeil bernd at bdebl.de
Sun Dec 25 12:55:30 EST 2005

itsme213 wrote:

>>(Having actual working examples would be Really Nice. As it stands, the
>>threshold for learning to write Ruby web apps seems to be much lower with
>>Rails than Nitro. That's sad since Nitro appears to be technically 
>>At this rate of progress I may have no other option than to get the Rails
>As I have done too. I'd rather use Nitro but it's so much harder getting 
>started in its current form ... hope that changes in time.
Absolutely right. I think there's progress on the documentation front 
(it improved over the last
have year). On the other hand at my work we're currently (plan) 
evaluating alternatives to java /
j2ee and after one year of talking about rails and half a year about 
nitro my team leader is
very interested in both. But his decision for a test implementation fell 
on rails, because of the
known problems. For my (still planed) private project i still hope to go 
with nitro.

I just wish that if solutions are posted to this list, someone with a 
clue sorts out the
workarounds and bad hacks and corrects / extends the existing docs with 
the "real
way". I volunteer to do the latter... (can't do the former for obvious 

- Bernd

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