[Nitro] help with og!

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 20:54:58 EST 2005

I've finally was able to take some time to look it over. I have to say
it looks pretty sexy.

The Setup I think is very nice, being both clean and explicit.

Relations is a very cool idea, although it may be a little _too_
magical. A couple of issues come to mind: what if you actually do want
to store a class in an attribute? Also what if it doesn't conform to
the pluralization rules? We need nice ways to handle these.

The Types idea seems like the right approach to me too, but it harder
than you might realize --I've tried it. You have to take into account
that it might differ for each DB-adapter, so that adds another
dimension. (Hmm... that's insteresting, OT but, OOP is sort of two
dimensional in nature Object x Subject. It will be Selector Namespaces
that actually move us beyond this. Very interesting....) If we had
Selector Namespace though we could define the method according to
which adapter was in use --that would be pretty awesome.


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