[Nitro] Facets/Calibre (Nano/Mega) (In)Sanity

TRANS transfire at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 12:27:30 EST 2005

I've been sitting here day after day staring at this screen trying to
figure out what to do and getting no where. I can't do it anymore. I
desparetly need help.

The problem seems simple enough: the organization of facets/calibre
(was nano/mega). But it overwhelm me. I can't find a satsifactory
solution. I'll try to explain.

Facets is primarily the core extension methods, which consists of a
bunch of files for every method and then some other files that are
groupings of those (a file that requires other method files) which are
mostly along the lines of all-methods-per-class. So I basically have
three sets of things here: the methods, which exist under
subdirectories of each class, the class groupings, and miscellaneous

Calibre OTOH consists of the classes, modules and frameworks. The
current release of Facets includes all of files in Calibre (I was
hoping to just have one project). But I split Calibre back out of
Facets for current development b/c there were requests for offereing
the classes/modules/and frameworks on individual bases. So I did that.
Calibre now consists of a bunch of subprojects all released
individually. Individual packages works great as each subproject can
develop at it's own pace, BUT it makes an all-in-one Gem package a
complete mess --each subproject is installed in its own subpackage
directory within Gems, gems actually has to search through 60
different directories to find a single file --it's stupid! The other
big issue is that deep down I would prefer it if these were all still
under the Facets project rather then having two different projects,
but the organization of this completely alludes me. Maybe that means
they simply can't be under a single project as much as I really want
them to be?

Can anyone offer me any sanity?


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