[Nitro] BUG: Using Nitro::Controller as main controller breaks template_root

zimba-tm zimba.tm at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 16:38:10 EST 2005

Sorry I don't have the time to debug this right now but I still wantto report it.
========== test case =========
require 'nitro'
class MainController < Nitro::Controllerend
class ChildController < Nitro::Controllerend
Nitro::Server.map = {  '/child' => ChildController,  '/' => MainController}
=== pulic folder ===index.xhtmlchild/  index.xhtml============
Replace MainController with Nitro::Controller in Server.map.Goto to http://localhost:9999/child with your browser.
nitro will use public/index.xhtml instead of public/child/index.xhtml
--Cheers,  zimba

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